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Business Data Engine is an advanced platform designed to help businesses with online sales, inventory management, and much much more. It's also designed for use with clubs, societies and associations for use managing memberships and events, with options for digital voting capabilities.

At its core, the Business Data Engine (BDE for short) is a multipurpose data platform that can be readily tailored to your needs.

Getting Started

Business Data Engine is a cloud service, and requires an active subscription to use the service. Typically, customers are entitled to a 30 day trial period, where they can test the system and see which features are required for their needs.

At the end of the trial period, their site will be disabled unless a full subscription is taken out. Data will be deleted 7 days after an account becomes inactive.

Find out more with our Getting Started guide.


Many features are available as standard and at no additional cost to you, examples include:

If a module doesn't quite provide the functionality you need, everything can be extended on a per-site basis with custom modules available.


This website provides a number of self-help topics, mainly aimed at resolving the most common queries without the need for our support teams getting involved. In the event you get stuck, the Delta V Technologies support team are standing by ready to help you.

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