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This module requires:

Royal Mail Click and Drop integration is only possible for customers with a Royal Mail Online Business Account (that is, post-pay customers of Royal Mail). If you are being asked for Paypal every time you generate a label you cannot use the Click and Drop integration, and must first switch over to a Royal Mail OBA acount.

The Click and Drop module removes most of the hassle of using Royal Mail Click and Drop, without needing the use of the Royal Mail Business API (which at the time of writing, October 2019, they will only give to businesses doing hundreds of parcels per day).

The integration is designed to get information over to Click and Drop, and get the label back into BDE as efficiently as possible.

Setting up the module

Before you can use the module, you must first input your username and password for Click and Drop into the settings form. You also need to tell Click and Drop what time it should be running the daily batch and manifest task at. It defaults to 5PM, but this may be too late for many companies.

You also need to tell it where to send the (PDF) labels and manifests to. Please see our detailed guide on printing for further information about Business Data Engine and printing.

Using Click and Drop

Once Click and Drop is correctly configured, you'll be able to click the "Ship with Royal Mail" button in an order's actions bar to ship part of, or all of an order using Royal Mail's services. You'll then need to make sure the address is correct, and select the right shipping options. Once this has been set, the "Ship now" button can be pressed to generate the shipment(s). Labels will be automatically printed to the Click and Drop label printer.