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The shop settings form should be fairly self-explanatory, however, here's an explanation of each of the settings, just in case you need them:


Here you can set your trading address for the shop. This is printed on order sheets, receipts, etc and is used as the return address for any returns.

Checkout setup

Allow anonymous checkout?

If ticked, users will be able to check out without first registering an account. An account will be automatically created for them during the checkout process.

Ts & Cs page

This must be a static page that shows your full set of terms and conditions. This appears during checkout as a tickbox to accept the terms along with the text "I accept the terms and conditions", where "terms and conditions" links to this page.

After adding a product to a basket....

For some sites it is beneficial to send a customer back where they were when they add something to their basket. For many, though, it would be preferable to send them to their basket. This option allows you to make a decision which way the customer should be sent.

Order manifest setup

Any uploaded image Resource can be used as the logo for the manifests.

Stock alerts

Allow stock alerts?

If checked, customers are allowed to sign up for stock alerts when products come back into stock. Customer stock alerts show up in the Stock Alerts control panel.

Automatic progression

Auto-complete virtual orders

Where orders require no physical processing (i.e. no product on the order is declared as a physical item), for example, if you are selling tickets for events managed entirely through the ticketing system on BDE, then it is recommended you tick this. If there are physical tickets to ship for a ticketed event, or the order requires a human to look at each order, leave this unticked.

Printers setup

Where you are using the official Business Data Engine Print Provider, support will be able to provide you with the queue names. If you are not using the BDE Print Provider, printing functions will be reduced.

Manifest printer queue name

This is the print queue where order sheets will be sent when the "Print Manifest" button is used.

Manifest printer security token


Label printer queue name

The print queue where customer collect labels are sent to. This must be a printer that supports EPL (Eltron Printer Language) such as the Zebra GK420 series of printers. In theory any printer supporting EPL and capable of printing 6"x4" labels will be suitable, however, we have only officially tested with the GK420d.

Product label printer queue name

The print queue where product labels are sent to. The official product label spec is 38mm x 25mm. The print queue must be a printer that supports EPL (Eltron Printer Language) such as the Zebra GK420 series of printers.